Member guide

Congratulations on becoming a Pries driver. Now it’s time to get you all set up and ready to begin trucking with us.

We require our driver to use our in-game player tag in order to let management easy identify Pries Logistics members. With the game closed, navigate to Documents/ETS2MP/ or Documents/ATSMP/ and open file config.txt. Find “tag_color” (we recommend using Ctrl+F) Change the value to 16758817 as shown on the picture below.Save changes (Ctrl+S or File > Save).

Now launch TruckersMP and wait for login screen to appear. Click on Settings button. Find the tag field and enter “Pries Logistics” in it.

We are currently working on our custom tracker. In the meantime, we decided to use VTLog for job logging.

Go to VTLog Website.
Create a new profile or log in.
Either way, make sure that your username is the same as in-game.
Go to our Company page.

Press Apply, write something in the message and press Send.
Now you need to install the Logit client that handles job tracking.
Install Visual C++ Redistributable (x64 for most systems, install x86 only if you are certain that you have a 32-bit system)
Download and install the logit client.

Thanks to reworked color picker since version 1.38, picking the right color is a matter of seconds.

Run the game and go to vehicle’s customization (by visiting service, for example).Go to paintjobs and choose any paintjob that supports custom colors (duelist is recommended to save you some work in the next step). If needed, switch the color picker to hex mode (indicated with #) and enter code FFC800 according to the picture below. A yellow color should be now selected, to keep the color for future use (stongly recommended), save it to your presets (middle button in the color picker).

The last step is pretty easy. Customize your truck and trailer according to screenshots below
(use the preset you set in the previous step for the yellow color)

Euro Truck Simulator 2

American Truck Simulator

Due to diversity of paintjobs, we made a unique paintjob for every truck.

We have a custom TMP in-game overlay skin that changes element colors to yellow and replaces backgrounds with our pictures.
Instalation is very easy because we made a custom installer that will download and install skins for you.

You can download it here.

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