Congratulations on being a Pries Logistics driver. I hope you’ll enjoy being a part of the company as much as we all do. First things first, let’s set up your truck, trailer and TruckersMP account.

We require our drivers to use our player tag in-game in order for management to easily identify Pries Logistics members.

With the game closed, navigate to Documents/ETS2MP/ or Documents/ATSMP/ and open file config.txt.

Find "tag_color" (located near the bottom of "generals").

Change the value to 16758817 as shown on the picture below.

tag color picture

Save the changes (Ctrl + S or File > Save).


Now launch the TruckersMP and wait for login screen to appear

Click on settings button.

Find the Tag field and enter "Pries Logistics" in it.

We are working on a custom tracker that will include many useful features.

On the other side, we understand that you don't want to wait quite a long time for the tracker to be developed. So we decided to use a VTLog for job logging in the meantime.

We will also ensure that your driven distance and XP gets safely imported to the custom tracker when we finish it.

First things first, let's set up VTLog now.

Go to VTLog Website.

Create a new profile or log in.

Either way, make sure your username is the same as in-game.

Go to our Company page.


Press Apply, write something in the message (it can't be empty) and Send.

Now you need to install the LogIt client that handles job tracking.

Install Visual C++ Redistributable (x64 for most systems, install x86 only when you are sure that you have a 32-bit system)

x64 - x86

Download and install the LogIt client.

You need to set up our yellow color using save-editing, follow these instructions to do that:

Download the

Extract all files in a folder and keep the folder opened

Open "My Documents"

Open "Euro Truck Simulator 2" or "American Truck Simulator" folder

Open "profiles"

If you have multiple profiles, look at the modified date for that folder

Open "save"

Open "autosave"

You will see a "game.sii", drag it onto "SII_Decrypt[L64].exe" at the folder of the decryptor

You will see the file size increased, that means the file has been decrypted

Open the sii with "Notepad" or "WordPad" whichever you prefer

Look for "user_colors"

There are 8 slots starting from 0 ~ 7 which explains the color you saved in preset

If the color code is 0, that means you had never saved a color preset on that slot

Replace with this number: 4278241535 in any of your slots

Save it. When you start the game and load the profile, the save will be encrypted by itself

Open the game and take your truck to the service, you will see the correct color in your preset

Customize your truck and trailer paint jobs according to pictures below.

A trailer with Pries paintjob


Do you want to have TruckersMP overlay in Pries colors as well? We got you covered!

We made for our drivers a custom skin that will change the look of TruckersMP login page, Settings page and Nearbly Players page.


Interested? Then follow a few super easy steps to install the skin.

Just download our custom Skin installer, choose, if needed, the TruckersMP install location and hit Install. The installer will do everything for you!



Downloading the installer


You can download the installer here.

Please, be aware that some antiviruses might block the program. Don't worry, the program is absolutely safe.


Suspicius? Okay, what about a VirusTotal link and a file hash for your maximum security?

MD5: d266b528d5c1599ef48f8865b10add99
SHA-1: d8e5da3177d3f7f96e4d0628d4f3a85ed0679ce2
SHA-256: 843aa41f1d933bdb7b05a502811e6d7ba17d70a9ae211b6e10ce5d534ec28634