Event Team's Guide

1. Avoid using the old one if possible
2. Driving distance is between 800 and 1200km (if most likely we will be available to travel fast, up to 1500km is OK)
3. Submit the route as soon as possible after the current one is finished
4. Post the route at #event-team with the following information
- Departing City and Company (Nearest Possible City to teleport if no garages there)
- Arriving City and Company
- Possible cities to join half-way
5. Make some descriptions about the convoy
6. Make a https://notime.zone information (1545 GMT for meetup, 1600 GMT for departure normally)
7. Take some screenshots zoomed about the route at #event-team (so even if you can't attend the convoy, the other staff could follow up)
8. If a break/photo spot is needed in-route, please specify the point that we can stop. (Please make sure it is available for halting)

Leading Truck (1 only):
- Drive without trailer
- Adjust the speed based on traffic situation
- Give speed and turn instructions (Slow down, <<<, >>>, 50, 90CC)

Convoy Control (1 per 5 member trucks, 5 in maximum):
- Standby at the next intersection
- Provide slow down and turn instructions (see commands)

Escort (1 per 10 member trucks):
- Bring the crashed/lost/refueled member truck back to the convoy
- If no Sweeper is applied to the convoy, Escort will work as a Sweeper also
If it is a small scale convoy, we will combine both Convoy Control and Escort as a Team.

Sweeper (20+ member trucks only):
- Stay at the back of the whole convoy
- Make sure no one is interfering with the convoy

Marshal (1 per 20 member trucks):
- Placed in the middle of the convoy, work like a sub-leading Truck but with a Scout
- Relay the information about the speed and turn instructions
- Give instructions to Escort if a member truck needs help

Leading Truck:
- Keep tracking the member trucks behind and make sure they can keep up
- Keep looking at the map and forecast possible slow down sections
- Provide necessary cautious information (crash ahead, train, toll)
- Provide the slot numbers with ETC available
- Make sure no member trucks is ahead of you

Convoy Control:
- Overtake the convoy in a safe way and standby at the next intersection
- Pull over at a position which will not interfere with other traffic but could be seen
- Provide turn or go straight instructions (see commands)
- Wait for the whole convoy passes you and repeat throught the steps
- If another controller is already standing by at the next intersection, go to the next one

- Drive behind all member trucks but ahead of the sweeper
- Wait for Marshal contacts when someone needs help
- Member truck may also contact you if he/she needs help
- Providing necessary help (maybe F7 to the nearest city) and bring the truck back to the convoy

Leading Truck:

Leading truck's image

Convoy Controller, Escort, Marshal and Sweeper:

Leading car's image

Convoy Controller:
~ @PriesLogistics Convoy > SLOW DOWN < Prepare for halt ~
~ @PriesLogistics Convoy > SLOW DOWN < Turn LEFT by me ~
~ @PriesLogistics Convoy > SLOW DOWN < Turn RIGHT by me ~
~ @PriesLogistics Convoy > Keep going straight ~

~ @PriesLogistics Convoy > Keep at least 50m to the truck ahead of you ~
~ @PriesLogistics Convoy > Do not overtake or use your beacon ~
~ @PriesLogistics Convoy > Controller is overtaking, please give space ~