Pries Christmas Event 2019

Basic Information

Server: Pries Christmas Event

Date: 21 December 2019

Start Location: Calais, Sea Port (View Map)

Final Destination: Salzburg, Quarry (View Map)


All times are in GMT (same as UTC)

Truckfest Start: 15:00 (Your Timezone)

Truckfest Judging: 15:30 (Your Timezone)

Truckfest Results: 15:45 (Your Timezone)

Collect Trailers: 15:50 (Your Timezone)

Convoy Departure: 16:00 (Your Timezone)

Truckfest Awards

Best VTC Paintjob – Road to the Black Sea DLC

Most VTC attendees – Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC

Best VTC Formation – Italia DLC

Best Public Truck – Vive la France DLC

Event Rules

Event Staff is allowed to block roads and junctions.

Event Staff is allowed to go out of bounds.

Event Staff is allowed to drive on the wrong side of the road.

Event Staff can be teleported by Game Moderators if needed.

Event Staff can use Triple trailers to block roads/junctions.

Only Event Staff is allowed to drive the Skoda.

No advertising allowed in any sorts unless given permission by the Event Organizers.

VTCs and public drivers must be parked in the correct slots on the TruckFest.

Game Moderators are allowed to kick/teleport people who are in the incorrect slot.

Trailers should be left in the Trailer Dump during the TruckFest.

All convoy participants should be with the truck and trailer.

Overtaking convoy is allowed only with the permission of Event Organizers.

Free-roaming is strictly prohibited on the server.

Keep a safe distance from the truck in front (At least 50M).

Convoy Route

A map with the convoy route visible

Slots Overview

Slot Booking

If you want to book more than one space, please make two separate requests, because we disabled multiple slot registration to prevent slots from being reserved by mistake.

This event is fully booked.