Thank you for your interest in joining Pries. Before you fill out an application, please read our driver requirements carefully and make sure you meet them.

Driver requirements

You are at least 15 years old

You haven’t received any bans in the past 3 months

You have more than 100 hours in ETS2 or ATS

You have at least basic knowledge of English language

You are a friendly, positive peson and are free to spend your time with us

You are willing to adopt Pries changes to your in-game tag and vehicle

Application Process

Are you wondering what it takes to become a Pries driver? Take a look at the overview below.

Submitting the application form

After you fill out and send your application, we will carefully review it.

If we decide that you are good enough, we will contact you about step 2 – the interview.

Going through the interview

We will ask you some questions to get to know you better.

We aim to achieve a nice atmosphere to make the interview go smoothly.

Completing the driving test

If your interview goes well, a driving test would be scheduled.

You will drive on a selected route and follow all traffic rules while being observed by an examiner.

If you manage to sucessfully complete all 3 steps, you will have the oportunity to become a Pries driver.

Application Form

Do you meet all the requirements and are interested in joining us? Then what are you waiting for? The form is right below!

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Your application has been successfully submitted

Your application has been sent to our examination team that will review it and inform you about the result as soon as possible. However, please note, that this might take up to 48 hours.

Also, please join our Discord if you haven’t yet.

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