1st Anniversary

Event Conclusion

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the event that got the server with 500 slots completely full with almost 20 players in queue, especially the staff, thanks to whose the event ran incredibly smoothly and we balieve that there we no major incidents that could ruin the experience.

That being said, we’d welcome any feedback that could help make our future convoys even better, therefore we decided to make a simple form where you can share your thoughts and ideas with us.

You can submit the form anonymously, however, if you enter your Discord username and stay on the Anniversary Discord until we conclude the results, you can win Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC.

We will choose a random winner of the DLC on Monday, 20th April.

You can send the feedback multiple times, however, you will be counted for the giveaway only once.

We also updated our gallery with photos from the event, you are welcome to take a look at them.

Truckfest start

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