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Pries November Convoy

Join us on the 28th of November for our next public convoy across the roads of the UK countryside.

About Us

Pries Logistics is an English speaking virtual trucking company with members from all over the world. The project started on 13th April 2019 to bring a change to the TruckersMP Community. Our goal is to build a community like no other.
A community in which we can offer our drivers the best experience in virtual trucking.

Pries provides a variety of convoys in ETS and ATS. We keep a balance between the DLC and non-DLC areas so we can provide convoys to all our drivers. Our activity rules are kept low. This way, we make sure that we do not put pressure on our drivers and that everyone has a fun experience.

Want to get to know us better?
Why not join our Discord or drive with us on one of our public convoys! Experience Virtual Trucking on a whole new level!

Users on Discord
Public & Driver Giveaways

What can we offer

Low Activity Requirements
We realize that there is no point in pushing anyone to attend every single convoy and deliver hundreds of loads, so our requirements are set that anyone who is willing to can meet them.
Friendly Community
We take relations between our drivers seriously. To let everyone fell like home is our main goal.
Ranking system
Earn XP by completing jobs and attending convoys to rank up and compete with others.

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